The Story of an Incompatible Marriage

The Story of an Incompatible Marriage
My name is Sara Param, I am the author of this eBook, thank you for picking up this eBook to read, and I hope that you will enjoy it.
I am sure that all of us fall in love with someone at some point in our lives, so, I am going to ask you some questions about it.
What do you think of true love? Why do you think a rich man falls in love with an ordinary poor woman?
This story has got the answers for you.
John falls in love with Jade, even though he is the son of a wealthy and famous parent, he grew up in a family where he didn’t have broad communications with his mother or the rest of the household. Therefore, he was desperate and looking for real love to fulfill that gap. So when he met Jade came across, as the faithful and caring woman, not looking for money. The love she showed him was real and genuine. When he got the true love, that he missed all his life, that made him a highly happy person. But his family didn’t like Jade because she came from a poor background.
John’s brother Peter and his wife were, one of the main reasons that they created all the troubles for John and Jade, and at the end, Jade left John, and things became far-reaching for John. Now, I will allow you to read the rest of the story and find out what happens after that. From all these, we all can learn our lesson how we can be cruel to each other even though we are in the same family because of money.
It shows if you happened to meet a very rich man, the things you have to know before getting married to that man
It is an absorbing story, and I am sure that you will enjoy reading this short story.

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