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Why do you think some people love to visit Sri Lanka for holidays? Are you one of them? People like to choose Sri Lanka as one of their holiday destinations, may be for the reasons that I have mentioned below. My experience of living there and recent visits are fantastic; there were not a single moment that we felt lonely or depressed, as it is such an enjoyable place to visit.

Are you not convinced that Sri Lanka is not one of the best places in Asia to visit because of the problems that you have heard in the past? I would say that the situation has changed for better and lots are people are visiting now. In Sri Lanka I was able to see,  there is an improvement in the overall lifestyle in the recent years when I visited last year.

Why don’t you read this eBook before even making your plans as it gives a detail information about the places that you could enjoy.?

Sadly, some people do not know much about Sri Lanka and still visit the country and miss out on finest parts of Sri Lanka, festivals, and beaches.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country surrounded by the Indian Ocean, with world best beaches, the life in the city is excellent, and if you want to stay in places with cooler conditions you can choose anyone out of the many cooler areas. In addition to these, the people are so welcoming the foreigners and magnificent at entertaining visitors, family, and friends.

Here are some tips that you would like to know more about Sri Lanka

The capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo; it has got plenty of hotels that include five-star hotels, night clubs, beach in the city, and excellent shopping centers.

Sigiriya – Ancient royal palace abandoned after the king’s death. “The Lion Rock” is the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka.

Minneriya – “Elephant Gathering” where hundreds of Sri Lankan elephants are attracted to the park’s forest where they benefit from food and shelter.

Kandy – Hill country surrounded by Kandy Lake, home of “The Temple of the Tooth Relic” (Sri Dalada Maligawa), one of the most sacred and exciting places of worship in the Buddhist world.

Nuwara Eliya – City in the hill country of the Central Province, surrounded by lush green hills and tea plantations and overlooked by the biggest mountain in the country. The weather is the coolest compared to any other places in the country.

Passikuda – Located in the East of the island. The beautiful shores of Passikudah’s Bay are truly magnificent and one of the calmest stretches of coastline. It is a popular destination for the tourists, with beaches and warm water lagoons.

Trincomalee-  You will find the second largest harbor in the world. It has been one of the primary centers of Tamil language speaking culture on the island for over two millennia

Jaffna- This is the province where the minority Tamil people come from, and here you will find plenty of temples, beaches, I have given everything in detail in this eBook.

This eBook all about for the people who want to go on holiday, want to work there for a short period or want to go and live there. I have highlighted the way the people are living there, economic situations, weather conditions and the culture in various cities. There are straight flights to Sri Lanka, but if you want to have a break as the straight flight takes almost twelve hours to reach Colombo, you can have a stopover in Dubai, Katar or even Abu Dhabi

If you are keen on planning to visit Sri Lanka, you will not regret reading this eBook. Instead, you will be pleased that you know about the interesting places. and also the way the people of Sri Lanka live in this day and age.

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