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I am just back after 46 days holidays and have released my new eBook, “Self- improvement & Stress relief”
This is some part from my eBook, please take your time to read.

Take decisive action if you have been struggling for a while
How to break the fear and get the confidence to take decisive action? Firstly, they need to start to think positive that I can do it without expecting other people to get you out of your trap. The more you expect, the more you become emotionally dependent on others that are again another way of stopping you from improving your capabilities. Expecting help from others to help you in your difficulties without paying it back in some ways will make someone to feel lower than the others and leading to self- sabotage.
Have you ever self- destroyed yourself? But do you know how to come out of it? The best way to get out of the situation is to accept your sabotaging behavior and become acutely aware of it. When you become entirely aware of your wrongdoings, then you will start to plan ways to overcome that sort of behavior. You have to develop a conscious awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. There might be situations that you might try but still be unable to accomplish your task to achieve that goal. If that is the situation, you need to go back to the past where you failed and analyze the situation what the things that could have avoided in your past failure are. It will be a better idea once you have analyzed and found the remedy apply it correctly for the new accomplishment.
Have you been struggling to grow your business for a while or a couple of years not knowing how to achieve the success? Have you analyzed the reasons for the failure? Is it a mistake on your part? Could that have been avoided or changed the style of doing your business? If you have not analyzed these questions and put it right, you are wasting time and money and self-sabotaging yourself if you leave it for too long you will come to a conclusion that you are not good at running a business. That way your goal will not be achieved, and your success gets blocked. When you are starting to do something you should have prepared yourself to face the obstacles and remove it in the long run and if not it escalates and make you lose confidence.
To overcome situations like these, ask your subconscious mind the questions and try to find the answers. You need to be in a secluded area and ask yourself what you are afraid? What is the reason for your fear? What is the exact reason for my failure? How can I find the solution for it? Your answer might be I don’t have money or support, if that is the case how can I become a winner? Instead of thinking along those lines that you cannot win because you don’t have support, why not take it as an inspiration, learn to work hard and proof yourself that you can do and to the others who are supposed to have given you support. It is very easy to let yourself down and sabotage yourself but fighting back is the hardest thing. There is no need to hold you back in future, starting writing your issues on a daily basis, you might feel hard to write at the outset but if you keep practicing and take more time to write that will make you a better person as your subconscious mind is now free of all unhappy thoughts. If you are not taking action to improve your thoughts and start to improve yourself, you will live your life with regrets at some point in your life.

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