Positive Parenting Techniques


 My name is Vathani Ariyam, I am the author of this eBook “Positive Parenting Techniques” and I am thankful to you for choosing this eBook. Let me talk about my parenting experience a bit before letting you know the reason that I have written this eBook and also about the benefits that you will get from this book.
I was brought up by my father who was a single dad from the time I was born and he got some help in bringing us up, and he was busy making money for his family, maintain the house and looking after us. Therefore, he simply didn’t have the time to teach us the life lessons. I grew up as an ignorant person and luckily got married and a mother of two children. I was clueless about parenting methods and I just took it as day to day event, but not applying or following the correct procedures in bringing up my children. The new parents had family support during those days, I didn’t have any of that, but in this day and age, everything you need is available on the web.
I have serious regrets about some issues that I missed out for my kids at that young age, as a result of this experience I have created this eBook in order to help the new parents. I have put down all my experience in this eBook and showing you how you can bring up your child. I am definitely sure that you will have lots of benefits from this eBook to motivate, correct yourself if you have any issues. You also can use this as a handbook to refer when you want to inspire yourself when dealing with your kids on a day to day basis.
I hope that you will enjoy reading this eBook and decide to purchase it, I have a gift for you when you are purchasing this eBook, you can download one of my free eBooks from this website.



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