How a Close Family Fell Apart

My name is Sara Param, I am the author of this eBook, thank you for picking up my book. I have just written to show that how a happy family got destroyed, I still cannot understand the exact reason for all what has happened in that family.

It shows a life may be happy or miserable it could change without giving us any signal. The mother Linda was a very healthy woman till the age of sixty and all of a sudden the sickness struck her and she passed away. James was a good lad, and his wife left him only because he didn’t make lots of money, didn’t think back to give him a chance to prosper. Peter at the age of thirty-four died, didn’t have any help from anyone at the end. In my opinion all in all the family was a real household do not deserve all these

Read the full story and learn to live your life, carefully and make a provision to save you from the worse.


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