Emotional Independence


My name is Sara Param, thank you very much for picking up to read this eBook, I have written this eBook to help people suffering from emotional dependence.

In my opinion, a loving relationship is something you accustomed yourself to depend on someone for help. We all like to be consoled and supported on a daily basis. It is not unusual for all of us to take it for granted that we will have this help always without even accepting that this aid is not permanent.  But that is not possible in the long run, the person who supports you will leave you one day for some reason or the other. Once that happens you will be on your own with further suffering, one thing your help is gone and another thing you might start to miss that person. Learning to help myself is the best way to survive.

So, the best way of survival is to be emotionally independent; I have given tips here to overcome the feeling dependence



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