I had my shares of ups and downs in my life


My name is Sara Param, I am the author of this eBook, thank you for picking up my book. I am just trying to educate anyone that we all face ups and downs in our lives in some form or the other.
All human beings on the earth bound to have problems, but we also learn to face it and find solutions for our problems. Some people become fragile and helpless in this period of time and lose everything without challenging the issues. If you read this eBook, you will be surprised to know the struggle that I have gone through in my life and how I have overcome those and started to live a normal life again.
We should overcome fears, if someone tries to sabotage us, we should try and keep away from people like that and make sure that we take the positive side of things, saying that everything happens for the best. If you are a parent, when you face difficulty, you should not let the young kids know your difficulties as it will make a permanent scar in their mind, but there will be a time for you to let them know the problems that you have gone through so that it will help them to live a better life. I was unfortunate to face these issues and I will never want my children to go through the same, as I want to be a good parent form them.
I hope all the moms and dads will have the same feeling, do not lose yourself for anything.

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