Basic Accounting System for Small Business

I am Vathani Ariyam, thank you for choosing my eBook, I am a freelance accountant with many years of accounting experience, and also I have seen and witnessed many businesses failing due to the lack of the implementation of proper accounting procedures. Many entrepreneurs, successfully set up businesses, they might have excellent skills in setting up businesses, marketing, maintain customer relationships and winning over excellent customers. But if they are not experienced and knowledgeable enough with various accounting systems for the business, getting the business off the ground is doubtful. As a business owner, you will be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, therefore getting help in your areas where you have the weakness is extremely useful to become successful, but as far as the financial side of the business is concerned, it will not be ideal for you to depend on others completely. It is vital for you to have some knowledge in different types of accounts, like cash flow, budgeting, credit control, stock control, cash register, sales and purchase books as these are the important part of finances of a small business. I agree that an entrepreneur should not try to do everything that might have a chance to push the business to the ground and also due to the lack of finance knowledge will do the same.  At the same, if you get in-house help, freelancer’s help or you outsource your work to an outsourcing company, things can go wrong if you do not know what to expect from these people who are helping you.

Therefore, I have created this basic eBook in accounting with the intention to help the people who have interests in setting up a business, but also if you have the financial knowledge, you can offer your help to other people to come out of their difficult financial issues or if they want to set up a home-based bookkeeping business. This eBook can help students who want to proceed with accounting study along with working in the accounting field.

I have created this eBook as an online tutorial as well, if you are interested in buying my course click this link it will take you to my online course.



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